The true story of Best End Brewing Co. can only be told over a pint...but let’s just say it includes a brewer, some slippers, a road trip, a chef, a love of hops, 6 degrees of bacon, live music, a food truck, and big dreams. If that’s not enough of a tease to get you down to Best End, here's a little more about us...​

Best End Brewing Company Co...formerly known as Standing Pitch, formerly known as Banyan Roots...was founded on one true philosophy: to utilize local, sustainable, and thoughtfully procured provisions in both our food and our beverage programs.  Be it food, wine, cocktails, or beer, we promise to use the highest quality ingredients available and to partner with purveyors whose philosophies align with our own.  And while doing so, we intend to gently nudge the boundaries of the unknown.​

What does this mean?  It means that we will venture to be a haven for creativity and free thinking. We will strive to be stewards and students of the local community. We will work to protect the environment and implement green processes in every area of our business possible.  And most importantly, we will aim to be advocates for the culture, growth, and development of the West End neighborhood.  Best End is humbled to be welcomed into the BeltLilne community, and we will do everything we can to support those who came before us as well as those who will come after us.  ​

We encourage you to hop off the Southwest BeltLine Trail and join us for a high-end culinary adventure offered in a casual, engaging, and friendly atmosphere.  Our beer program includes everything from pilsners to IPAs to stouts, while our beverage program consists of full bar, vibrant craft cocktails, and a wine list centered on natural and biodynamic wines. And to compliment our extensive array of libations, we have a food menu full of flavor that ranges from fresh seafood to house-cured meats to everything in between.  Some may call it a lack of focus. We like to call it sharing the love.


Our management team has many shared beliefs, values, practices, and goals for the overall vision of BE. One of the most important areas of focus for us is our mission: to earn the trust of our employees, community, customers, purveyors, farmers, and neighbors. 

This can only be accomplished by providing the most welcoming environment possible to share our love for all things food and beverage. We hope to attain this through our transparency, authenticity, focus on relationships, and thoughtful ingredients; all while helping and supporting one another as we grow together. 


We promise to never stop exploring, creating, changing, and sharing our love and passion of beer, food, wine, cocktails, and people with you. Our mantra: EAT LOCALLY, DRINK GLOBALLY.


Our beer program combines Old World traditions with innovative New World philosophies.  We have one of the most extensive draft beer menus in the Atlanta area, and we are the only venue in the Lee + White BeltLine development brewing beer on site.  Whether served directly off bright tanks from our 20-barrel system or poured off our 3-barrel draft system at our shipping container bar, we maintain a diverse catalog of beer styles with a focus on quality across the board.


Our food program focuses on fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients that inspire our menu daily. We like to know our farmers, purveyors, and where our food comes from before it ever touches your plate. We classify our cuisine as Southeast Coastal, yet we leave room for creativity and global inspiration to influence our food. The menu is a combination of small plates, mains, and sandwiches (inspired by our Chef's acclaimed Roti Rolls food truck), and includes a variety of options from both land and sea.  Out of respect for those with specific dietary needs, our kitchen is also  completely nut-free and our menu includes a variety of Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian options.  Our hope is to treat you to classic dishes while also introducing you to new ones.



One of the most exciting components of being a brewpub is that we not only get to BE us, but we get to offer all sorts of boozy goodness! In addition to our house brews, our bar program includes spins on classic cocktails as well as fresh vegetal and coastal drinks, and a wine list centered on natural and biodynamic wines from producers that are hyper-focused on their soil and their viticulture and viniculture practices.

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Best End Brewing Co.

1036 White Street SW

Atlanta, GA 30310

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