TO Go & delivery menu

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we have suspended our food service until further notice.


GRILLED JERK CHICKEN SAMMY                                                   $12

Citrus Slaw. Lettuces. House Pickles. Served with

Hand-Cut Fries.

FRIED CHICKEN SAMMY                                                                  $12

Citrus Slaw. Lettuces. House Pickles. Served with

Hand-Cut Fries. (Make it West End hot!)

SMOKED JERK WINGS (GF)                                                              $8

Brined. Smoked. Rubbed. Get some.

BEST END BURGER                                                                           $14

Double Stack Burger. Smoked Gouda. House Pickles. BE Aioli. Potato Bun. Served with Hand-Cut Fries.


DOM'S FISH & CHIPS                                                                        $14

Scratch Made Hawker Hornet ESB Batter. Fresh Cod. House Tarter Sauce. House Chips. 

LOADED TOTS                                                                                    $12

Cured Pork Belly. Pickled Ginger. Bonito. Bulldog Sauce. Japanese Mayo.

HAND-CUT CAJUN FRIES (GF)                                                         $6


SIDE OF TATER TOTS                                                                         $5

SIDE OF HOUSE CHIPS                                                                      $5


TRES AMIGOS (GF/V)                                                                               $12

Queso. Guacamole. Salsa. House Chips.


all the veggies

VEGAN TRASH NOODLES (V/VG)                                                          $13

Roasted Garlic. BE Basil. Vegan Butter. Vegan Cheese. Ramen Noodles. 



BRETT FAH-VA SALAD                                                                             $11

Fava Beans. Grapefruit. Jerk Chickpeas. Island Citrus Vinaigrette.

VEGAN MORTENSEN (GF/V/VG)                                                             $11

Naan Flatbread. Seasonal Vegetables. Pickled Red Onions. Smoked Tomatoes. 

Please note: GF indicates Gluten Free, V indicates Vegetarian, VG indicates Vegan, and our kitchen is completely nut-free

we like to call it fun dining, not fine dining.

Our mission with food is simple: to build lasting relationships with farmers, purveyors, artisans, mongers, and foragers  who share our same belief in the importance of putting an honest effort  into sustainable practices.  We, at the best end of the food chain, believe in utilizing every last scrap of the ingredients we work with so that what we present on your plate represents the love and hard work our purveyors put into producing their products. This is what we love to do.  And we will work continuously to earn and maintain the trust of our food partners and our patrons.  


In addition to our focus on sustainability, our passion for fun, funky flavors provides balance between old school and new school cookery. Our mantra? Globally inspired, locally centric. Therefore, our food program will be forever changing, evolving, and growing. Our kitchen is a haven for creativity, and we strive to create dishes showcasing the best of both land and sea.  But we do have a particular affinity for goodies found in the water, so we count on our sustainable seafood purveyors to help us satisfy our craving for all things crustaceans, bivalves , cephalopods, and some of our favorite bottom feeders, too!  We want to be as courteous to our seas as possible, so we will be able to eat off its floor for many more years to come.  (Yes...we just said that.)


What does that mean for our customers?  That we'll do our best to be as transparent as possible. It may not be possible to always use local, sustainable, or organic ingredients, but we'll always be honest about where our food is sourced.  We believe that anyone who wants to know where their food comes has the right to know!    


The beauty of it all is that as we grow, our partners will evolve and change, as will the stories that go along with them. But most importantly to us, so will the stories we share with you as we all grow and change together.  All we ask is that you please be patient with us.  We will make mistakes and we may disappoint, but we will always try our hardest to get things right and to give you a memorable dining experience. Our hope is that you may try something new every time you walk through our doors. This will not only keep it fun for you and for us, it helps our smaller farmers and purveyors have fun growing and sharing diverse offerings as well. It also allows time for re-birth and gives room for innovation. But, don't you worry -- if you get addicted to just one dish, let us know! We definitely want to keep a few staple crowd pleasers on our menu.


Enough reading, let's eat!  We thank you in advance for joining us and we look forward to feeding you. 




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