ANDRE SCHERER PINOT BLANC                                             $8/$24

Medium body. Heaps of apple.

ADEGA PONTE DE BARCA VINHO VERDE                             $9/$27

Effervescent with light, crisp peach and elderflower notes. Touch of sweetness.


HENRI GADAIS MUSCADET                                                      $11/$33

Light & fresh. Bright aroma of lemon with a clean, crisp finish.

BREA CHARDONNAY                                                                $13/$39

Unoaked Chardy. Lovely notes of lychee and honeysuckle.

LA BOUTANCHE RIESLING                                                             $45

Dry, crisp and fresh. Aromas and flavors of lemon zest, peach blossom and apricot.


REY DE COPAS CAVA                                                                  $7/$21

Dry and crisp. Lightly floral with soft lemon notes.

ANNA DE COLORNIU BRUT ROSÉ                                          $13/$39

Lively and bright. Aromas and flavors of freshly picked spring berries. 


PATTON VALLEY RIESLING                                                             $57

Lightly sparkling with butterscotch and caramel notes. Funky, tart and piquant, like a sour beer.



DOMAINE PHILEMON CROIX D'AZAL                                          $10/$30

Earthly, leathery and slightly herbal. Lightly oaked and balanced with fresh red fruit notes.

VIA REVOLUCIONARA CRIOLLA GRANDE                                   $12/$36

Earthly, leathery and slightly herbal. Lightly oaked and balanced with fresh red fruit notes.

OLIANAS CANNONAU DI SARDEGNA                                          $12/$36

Earthy and herbal with aromas of black and red berries. Lively acidity. Oak aged for two years with an elegant, bold finish. 

CASTELLO DI TORRE ROMA ROSSO                                            $10/$30

Light and easy drinking. Loads of ripe, wild cherry with a roundness on the palate.

PLAVAC BURA DALMATIA                                                              $12/$36

Medium bodied with fruity flavors of young cherries and black currants. Friendly and inviting.



DOMAINE DES DIABLES BONBON                                               $14/$42

Soft peach aromas with a hint of fresh grapefruit on the palate.


JOTO NIGORI JUNMAI                                                                             $18

Boozy, but super drinkable. Licorice and fennel notes with a clean finish.

JOTO SPARKLING BLUE CLOUDS                                                         $22

Sweet on the finish with an essence of marshmallows.

MURAI NIGORI GENSHU                                                                        $60

Mild and sweet vanilla aroma.  Flavors of coconut, currant, cream and spice with a velvety finish.

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