NEW BREW - Available In-House TBA

Started from the Bottoms - Amber Lager

Over the past few weeks and days, we have been in awe of our mayor. Her handling of the myriad difficulties she has had to navigate has inspired us, so we decided to name our newest beer, an amber lager, in honor of her and the work she has done for the great city of Atlanta.

NEW BREW - May 14 2020

Cuomo Arigato Session IPA

We crafted this smooth session IPA to pay homage to New York; its courageous people, its strong communities, and its leadership. We chose to make this an easy-drinking IPA for many reasons.  Our main thought was to spread the message that everyone can get on board with taking things slow right now.  Whatever this new normal is, let’s ease into it.  If the hustle and bustle of New York City can come to a standstill, if those packed streets can empty, then the same can be true of other states and cities.


We got cans, you got cans, everybody got cans!

Due to overwhelming demand, Best End brews are now available in can form. With a little help from our neighbors and a ton of elbow grease, we've found ourselves on the shelves at your local neighborhood beer store. Next time you're shopping ask for our Anxiety Pils, Hair Bears West Coast IPA, Slippers Rye IPA, or Lack of Fokus IPA. The current list of stores near you will be available here soon.

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